Bulk SMS

Making each customer feel special is the best way to connect with current and future clients. Your mass sends can be personalized to your needs. Leverage the full power and flexibility of our online software for your marketing

why choose bulk sms ?

We provide the lowest and unbeatable Bulk SMS pricing to all mobile network in Ghana.

Although many people think bulk SMS is dead, research has shown that despite the many advances in mobile technology, over 90% of people read an SMS within 3 minutes after receiving them. For this reason, as a digital marketer or person aiming to reach a large number of people with information, you should never ignore the use of bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is considered as one of the most efficient ways to reach the mass market because messages are going directly to mobile devices of individuals and do not need mobile data to access these messages.

Bulk Email

You can use bulk SMS to communicate with a large number of customers at the same time with ease.

Better Productivity


Use Case

You can send BulkSms in Ghana in the following cases:

  • Wedding Invitation
  • Funeral Annoucement
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Reservations
  • Address book
  • Birthday Greetings
  • Inspirational SMS
  • Special Offers
  • Holiday Specials
  • Reports

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