Interactive Voice Response

Greet your customers with IVR in a customized manner and assemble an admirable client experience

interactive voice response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system that allows you to access information from target audience through outgoing calls or voice message without having to speak to an agent.

Our IVR service allows you to send or access information from target audience though an automated voice call. This allows you to gathers information by giving your audience choices via a menu. It then performs actions based on the answers of the recipient through the telephone keypad.

Audio messages can be recorded by text to speech, calling to record a voice message or uploading an already existing audio message. The audio is then saved in the audio library and uploaded into the IVR campaign.


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Increase consumer loyalty

At the point when your IVR is easy to utilize, clients will never be engaged with any agent who cannot resolve their issue.

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Free from Errors

Utilizing an IVR makes your whole procedure less mistake inclined, contrasted with depending on a conventional secretary.

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Generate potential leads

IVR system will address callers by their names and divert calls to a suitable agent based on their call history, purchase history and location.

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Efficient Customer Access

Clients can utilize the IVR frameworks whenever of their comfort as it plays out its assignment 24x7.

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Better Customer Service

A fast reaction is possible for the client queries. This means answering a call on the first ring, thereby reducing customer wait time and cutting call volume.

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Boost Agent Productivity

Segmenting the services will help the agents to attend more calls and facilitate more clients.

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